APA Nexus Technology Pvt Ltd is a Electrical Manufacturing And Supplier company Started sense 2018. We have been catering “better lives” to our customers across the country. GM as a company introduced innovation that incorporates advanced and imaginative products that transformed people’s lives tremendously. We believe in constant innovation and we are the growing Company in electrical accessories manufacturing.


That good design is timeless

It preserves its class over time unfailing, unchanging and everlasting. We have a firm belief in a good design, as it inspires a good living. The idea is to make a better place to live in. We make designs that compliment a lifestyle; products that put you at comfort and assemble a world within your home that lets you enjoy life to the fullest.


Our innovations are the result of a strong R&D team, which is further complimented by an equally dedicated, and capable product design team. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility  with the most efficient and high-grade machinery that produces the finest quality products.

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